BCA Autoveilingen is the place for you to find quality vehicles for a good price! Because of the BPM regulation in the Netherlands, we are able to offer vehicles for a competitive price to our foreign clients.

Dutch cars are internationally known for their quality: the Netherlands has a low speed limit (120km – 130km) and flat roads (no mountains and qualitatively good roads), the cars have not driven great distances each year and are maintained really well. All these points result in interesting vehicles for your foreign company!

On our website, all information can be found regarding bidding and buying at BCA Autoveilingen as a foreign client. The foreign sales process will always be in 5 steps:

1. Buy a vehicle in one of our auctions

2. Receive an invoice instantly

3. Pay within 3 days

4. Export documentation will be arranged

5. Receive a pickup notice by email once the export documentation has arrived

Nett prices

All bids and prices for each auction are nett, which means that the price you see = the price you pay! There is no need to calculate with VAT and BPM, as we have done that for you.

Your invoice will consist of three parts: nett vehicle price + buyer fee + export fee = final invoice price

Should you have any further questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact our export department! Please log on to view all cars on sale. No account yet? Become a BCA Autoveilingen member!