hamerAs you know of BCA Autoveilingen, our services are customer oriented and transparent. To further and ongoing improve our services, we regularly execute improvements to our systems.

An important part in our services and transparency is based upon an up-to-date version of our General Terms & Conditions [GTC]. In the past months, we have been working on an adjustment of the current version, in order to meet up with general legislation and regulations of other Authorities. Behind this link, you can find our updated version of our GTC. Besides the formal legal text of the GTC, you can also find the document called: “Procedure & Consignment Conditions BCA Autoveilingen”. This document states the highlights of our GTC in more common language.

As from June 16 2016, all offered services are based upon the new GTC. This means that all vehicles that will be in auction starting June 16 2016 will be subject to these new GTC.

How to accept our new GTC?

Each user who will log in to our systems from June 16 2016 will see a pop-up screen, where a tickbox is shown in the screen. This tickbox has to be checked in order to accept our new GTC. This acceptance is necessary to succesfully login to our system.

Important to know:

  • All current usernames, who are linked to your organisation are regarded as legally entitled to use our system. This means that every active user has to accept the GTC on behalf of your company;
  • A user who accepts the GTC on behalf of a company, which is defined as a “Mother company” in a “Mother-Daughter”-construction, will accept the GTC fort he Daughter company the same time. He can use the system in the same manner for both Mother and Daughter company.